Talking Business | Housing Preference | Juvenile Probation

Dr. Steven Holt chairs an affordable housing oversight committee for the city of Portland.

We discuss the latest regional business news with Suzanne Stevens, editor of the Portland Business Journal. 

In 2015, Portland kicked off a multi-million dollar affordable housing strategy in North and Northeast Portland that had a groundbreaking idea built in: give preference for housing and home loans to those who’d been displaced from the historically black and gentrifying neighborhoods. Three years later, the latest report from the strategy’s oversight committee expressed concern that it’s not helping people fast enough. We hear from Dr. Steven Holt, chair of the oversight committee, and Leslie Goodlow, business operations manager for the Portland Housing Bureau, ahead of a city council presentation this week.

As a follow-up to our recent look at Measure 11 sentencing for juvenile offenders, we look at another part of juvenile justice in Oregon — probation. Meant to intervene in youth’s lives before they escalate towards incarceration, probation officers are tasked with balancing accountability and rehabilitation. We hear about probation practices in Multnomah County with the county’s Juvenile Services Division Director, Deena Corso, and Sang Dao, a formerly incarcerated youth who now works for the county as a Juvenile Court Counselor.

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