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IOTAS, Intel-backed Portland startup, brings the digital home to thousands of apartments

Sce Pike

When Miranda Brown comes home to her Beaverton apartment each evening, the lights come on the moment she opens the door. They go off again anytime she leaves.

And not just the lights. Some “smart” outlets shut off, too, preserving power that little gadgets would otherwise suck up. Brown can turn lights or gadgets back on, while she’s away, with an app on her phone. Or she can turn up the heat when she’s lingering in bed on a chilly morning.  Continue reading →

Willow Bend Villas | 1000 N

Bend affordable housing completed six months behind schedule

A worker enters one of the rooms at Daggett Townhomes, under construction in Bend, on Feb. 19, 2018. (Andy Tullis/Bulletin photo)

Twenty-four families in need of affordable housing will soon be able to move into townhomes on Daggett Lane in Bend, a project that’s about six months overdue.

The delay is a result of last winter’s severe weather, site-specific setbacks and the Portland-based general contractor’s inability to recruit enough subcontractor labor, according to officials at Housing Works, the Central Oregon public housing agency and owner/developer. Continue reading →

Portland Trail Blazers at Phoenix Suns Preview

Portland Trail Blazers Potential Trades Before The February Deadline

Level Angsty Description

Here’s a scale on which to determine a crisis level of your favorite NBA team:

1 We’re Winning ‘Chips / We Have a Chance at Marvin Bagley Jr. 2 We’re Going to the 2nd Round of the Playoffs 3 Makin’ Playoffs, Probably No Chance at 2nd Round Any Time Soon 4 Playoff / Non-Playoff Purgatory; Franchise Player is Frustrated 5 Franchise Player Asked for a Trade, Somebody Hold Me

The Portland Trail Blazers are somewhere in between Stage 4 and 5 on this crisis scale. Recently Damian Lillard, the Trail Blazers’ franchise player, had a sit down with owner Paul Allen in regards to the future of the team. The conversation stopped just short of Lillard asking for a trade away from the team. Continue reading →

Portland, OR Apartments

Portland, Oregon has become a city with some high property values. For instance, average home values are over $400,000. Zillow expects these values to rise slightly within the next 12 months. The higher home prices also support a fairly high price of rent, but rental units in Portland aren’t as expensive as they are in some other major cities.

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